Earthquake relief for Blue Marlin

Earthquake relief for Blue Marlin

Oct 2018
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As you know, on Sunday night we experienced a magnitude 7.0 earthquake with the epicenter not far from the Gili islands. Unfortunately, many people have not only lost their businesses but also their lives. Many of our local staff have been left homeless and with limited access to food and water. It is our goal to be able to support them and help them to rebuild their homes and look after their families as much as we possibly can. Donations will be used to rebuild houses and provide immediate care such as food, water and medical supplies. Luckily, the Blue Marlin Dive team is safe. We have all relocated to Bali for the time being. We hope to go back to the island next week when we can start receiving supplies to begin the rebuilding process. Fortunately, our facilities at Blue Marlin have minimal damage, but we cannot be up and running until all of our staff have taken care of their families affected.

15.00% Raised
$7,500.00 donated of $50,000.00 goal
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