10 Years Misdiagnosis Please Help Tonya

10 Years Misdiagnosis Please Help Tonya

Oct 2018
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Please help, my mom is really sick and requires medical treatment that is not covered by INS. Our family recently found out that after 10 years of medications, hospitalizations, trouble walking, vision problems, brain seizures, memory loss, unable to continue working in the career she loves (helping people), and so much more. Her 10 year diagnosis of Multiple sclerosis was a misdiagnosis. My mom suffers daily just to complete simple tasks that you and I take for granted. It's heartbreaking to see her spend her life this way, slowly dying. She is the strongest person I know but I can see she's struggling much more and not sure how much more fight she has. She has always and continues to put everyone and there needs before herself . I know she has insisted for years that there was something else going on with her , she has said repeatedly that she feels as if she is dying and to see her cry because she truly feels this way and is afraid of leaving us, just kills me . I have been to many of her Dr's appointments over the years and I have heard them tell her "it's just your M.S or It's just in your head hun" making her feel like she's going crazy. Well our family just spent $6,000 on extensive labs and waiting on the results for 5 weeks was complete torture . Results are in ....POSITIVE FOR LYME DISEASE AND 1,109 ADDITIONAL CO INFECTIONS AND MORE. Please watch video attached . This is why she has been so sick all these years. We are excited to finally have answers that make sense , however my mom is currently having a hard time with the fact that she has been treated with medications for years that were for the wrong disease. I am reaching out for help for my mom and our family. Her treatment is going to cost $74,000 all out of pocket and must be paid in advance or pmt plan that is still $6,000 per week or $20,000 monthly. My parents just don't have that kind of money right now. They paid a lot for my scoliosis treatment just a year ago ($65,000) all out of pocket. I am praying that we can reach as many people as possible and she can start treatment. Please help if you can and please share as many times as possible to everyone you know. If we can reach 3,700 people and everyone donated $20 each , we would reach our goal. Please help us , help my mom get her life back. Thank you, Kaitlyn McCallister . Click link to see video

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